Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the method of tracking physical assets, by using tags using GPS which broadcast their location.  At Micron, the uses for asset trackers can range from car dealers to tracking vending machines.  We offer asset trackers such as the Prime Bolt Mini, Model V, Prime ATC, and the Prime AT Plus.

  • Prime Bolt Mini

    Prime Bolt Mini

    The Prime Bolt Mini is a non-rechargeable asset tracker designed for reliable multi-year deployments. It can be configured to track on demand or in real time, making this device an…

  • Model S

    Model S

    The Model S is designed for reliable multi-year deployments and the capability to connect to an external battery for long-term deployment. It is an ideal solution for tracking vehicles, motorcycles…

  • Model V

    Model V

    The Model V is designed for reliable and multi-year deployments.  It is an ideal solution for tracking automotive and trailers, and managing assets.  Connect to external battery for long term…

  • Prime AT Plus (3G)

    Prime AT Plus (3G)

    The Prime AT Plus (3G) features superior assisted GPS performance, Wi-Fi tracking, 3-axis accelerometer, a large lithium ion battery, and built in sensors (light and temperature) for 3G cellular networks.…


Industries Asset Tracking Products Can Be Applied To

icon Pharmaceuticals icon Vending Machines icon Automobiles icon Container Locks icon Trailers icon Golf Carts icon Recreational Vehicles