Personal Tracking

Personal tracking is the process of tracking an individual for their safety and to notify their loved ones of their safety.  At Micron, the use for personal trackers can range from children to tracking our elder family members.  Our personal trackers supply you the knowledge that your loved ones are safe.  We offer personal tracking products in the form the Prime AT series, or custom designs for MPERS products such as the Prime One.

911 Responder (3G)

Design in only. Please contact Micron for more information.

The 911 Responder (3G) is perfect for ensuring the safety of your seniors, lone worker, and children. It features an IPX6 rated enclosure, and two-way voice.

Our 911 Responder (3G) comes with a charging cradle and lanyard for ease of use.

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with this easy to use device.