Personal Tracking

Personal tracking is the process of tracking an individual for their safety and to notify their loved ones of their safety.  At Micron, the use for personal trackers can range from children to tracking our elder family members.  Our personal trackers supply you the knowledge that your loved ones are safe.  We offer personal tracking products in the form the Prime AT series, or custom designs for MPERS products such as the Prime One.

Prime A

Alarm System Function

When you feel threatened and trigger the device, the alarm system will sound off at 130 dB volume to alert the surrounding people and scare away the intruder. The personal alarm is ideal for children, self-defense, elderly, students and personal protection. Do not use unless in an emergency situation. This product does not guarantee prevention of theft or a crime.

**Please note: This device is not a tracker. This is a simple personal alarm system.**

Operating Method

  1. When the pin is pulled, alarm will go off. When pin is replaced the alarm will stop;
  2. When you press the button, alarm will go off. When the button is released the alarm will stop;
  3. When you press the light button it will turn on. When button is released the light will turn off.

Replacing the Battery

The alarm sound duration lasts about 20 – 30 minutes. The alarm volume will get softer until battery is used.

Open the battery cover at the back of the device and replace the new battery.

Battery specification: AG13 button battery

Water Resistance: No

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