COSTCO Launches eZoom

Oct 10th, 2012

October 10th, 2012, Peoria, IL – Costco launched a new product called the eZoom in stores and on its website. It is a real-time tracking and GPS locator manufactured by Micron Wireless for SecurUs, Inc. With the eZoom you can locate your children, keep tabs on teen drivers and track down stolen items.

Micron and SecurUs have worked together to create a sturdy yet lightweight device that is also water proof, making it versatile and applicable to many uses. It is the ideal product for personal use to track family and valuables or for commercial fleet tracking and security. All in a device that is smaller than a credit card with a battery life of up to 10 days.

CEO of SecurUs states, “Our loss prevention program recovered lost products valued at more than a million dollars. For companies, loss prevention directly affects their bottom line. For individuals, the value is in peace of mind.”


About Micron Wireless: Micron is a leading provider of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions for consumer, security, medical and healthcare industries. We are dedicated to providing complete end-to-end solutions, solving both connectivity and the application challenges within M2M systems.

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