Design Services

Micron Wireless is a leading designer and manufacturer in the global M2M+GPS market.  We have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of personal positioning and tracking devices, utilizing different technology platforms including GPS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and various 3G technologies.  We provide our customers and partners complete products and solutions packaged with three Micron advantages – cutting-edge technology, value-enhanced design, and cost-competitive manufacturing.

Market Leading Innovator

On-going commitment to research and innovation is at the core of Micron Wireless.  With years of experiences in the M2M+GPS business, we have developed several ground-breaking products with proprietary technologies that put us at the technical forefront in the field.  Our technical know-how is evidenced by a growing portfolio of intellectual property rights, repeated industrial awards, patents, and most importantly, the recognition of our customers and partners as we strive to develop new products with many first-to-market features:

  • The first GPS device with a large central-placed SOS button that sends multiple alerts and reports with a single push.
  • The first completely water-proof GPS device that offers real time tracking when completely submerged in water.
  • The first virtually “indestructible” GPS device that is capable of withstanding the run-over by heavy trucks.
  • The first GPS device with embedded inductive charging capability.
  • The first GPS device with a unique “listening mode”, which enable service station or message recipients to continuously monitor the situations around the device in case the owner of the device is unable to speak.
  • The first GPS device with a patent-pending “Super Sleep Mode” to save power consumption, which dramatically increases the battery life far beyond what any other products in the market are capable of.


Value Enhanced Design

At Micron, we understand design matters.  Good design differentiates products’ identity, communicates quality, and enhances user experiences.  People are more likely to buy if they like what they see, and they are more likely to tell others if the product delivers what it promised.  Good design is our way to communicate with our customers that we care about our products and our customers.  To that end, we strive to design products not only excel in functionality, reliability, and technical innovation, but also signify the ultimate combination of art and science.  For every product development, our team of highly creative industrial designers involve very early on, working closely with engineers in develop the best product ID design that not only conveys the technical characteristics of the product but also presents the maximum aesthetical appeal to the intended customers.  Whether our customers are perfecting a reference design, developing a new product or modifying an existing application, our designers and engineers can help.  With a strong knowledge base, real-world experiences in a wide variety of markets and vertical segments and a demonstrable, results driving mentality, Micron Wireless delivers.

Cost Competitive Manufacturing

Unlike many companies who claim to provide “complete solutions” but rely on layers of outsourcing and subcontracting to deliver a product, we do everything in-house – from design to manufacturing to post-sale services.  Through joint ventures with two leading electronics manufacturers in China – Simcom, and MobileTech, we take direct ownership in two large factories with multiple assembly lines that capable of producing millions various mobile devices a year.  Owning our own factory offers us important advantages over the competitions:

Working in close partnership with our customers, Micron Wireless has helped to bring many designs to life, shortening product development and deployment cycles.  Whether you need to tweak a small parameter in your product, develop something new or start a project and have it managed from the ground up, we can provide the expertise to get your project moving in the right direction.

  • Control over production cost.

    Unlike many companies who have no control over their outsourced manufacturers, we benefit from the tremendous market clout and material sourcing power of our partners who are able to produce high-quality products at very competitive costs.  This enables us to offer our customers the better products at cheaper price, and still enjoy a healthy profit margin.

  • Control over quality.

    As owner of the factories, we have access to the production line and are able to inspect product quality at any time.  Quality issues are discovered on the spot and defective products are stopped in the factory to avoid expensive shipping back and forth across oceans.  This means fewer customer returns, less warranty costs, and higher level customer satisfaction.

  • Control over inventory.

    Unlike some of our competitors who are constantly at the mercy of the subcontractors for production scheduling, delivery lead time, and inventory level, we decide our own production scheduling and delivery.  This enables us to maintain a lean inventory level and short lead time.  It also gives us more flexibility in terms of arranging low-cost logistic services to save freight and warehouse costs, which saving is then passed to the customers.