Aug 8th, 2019

The new Prime Bolt 4G device extends Micron’s portfolio of products into new markets and give customers comprehensive views into their assets and operations.

BOCA RATON, FL, August 8, 2019 –  Micron Wireless receives Verizon certification for the Prime Bolt 4G product. Designed for longer term deployments on the Verizon Cat M1 network, the portable Prime Bolt 4G tracking device is an ideal solution for real-time tracking on automotive fleets, trailers, RVs, even costly assets such as generators and heavy equipment.

The Prime Bolt 4G can be used to accurately locate assets within 2.5 meters and features a waterproof enclosure with an IPX7 rating, 50-channel GNSS, Wi-Fi location tracking, and a RF 433MHz beacon. A 6-axis accelerometer provides motion alerts and can be configured for various movement thresholds. The device can also send out low-battery notifications and features an ultra-low power sleep mode to conserve battery power for longer term deployments, lasting up to a year and a half.

The Prime Bolt 4G measures 61 x 128 x 48 millimeters and has a 13400 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery using a USB Type C charging port.


About Micron: Micronwireless, Inc. (Micron) is constantly bringing the latest cutting-edge 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE products and solutions to our global partners to better serve their customers. We have developed and established strategic business partnerships with many leading global companies who rely on our products to provide countless valuable services to millions of customers and businesses in over 30 countries. At Micron, no project is too big or too small; we have assisted many of today’s top fortune 500 companies around the world with innovative designs and engineering assistance to connect to their customers.  For more information, visit Micron’s website, e-mail or call our main office at: 1-888-538-3489.

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