Micron Wireless Releases Prime LITE in Europe

Mar 22nd, 2012

On March 22nd, 2012 in Paris, France, Micron Wireless released its latest creation, the Prime AT LITE to European markets. Micron Wireless is a leading developer and manufacturer of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions. Micron’s Prime AT LITE is a Real Time GPS Tracker that combines GSM and GPS technology so that customers can keep track and watch over their assets and loved ones online and with their smart phones.

The Prime AT LITE device boasts a small lightweight design using a high sensitivity GPS, which operates on a global GSM network. The Prime AT LITE is a simple and ingenious way to keep track of anything that needs keeping track of —including bicycles, back packs and more.

CEO and designer, Mike Xu, proclaims, “This device is small and discreet, not calling attention to itself as a very powerful tracking device. This is the best way to maintain the space you sometimes need but also get assurance that all is well with just a few clicks of your mouse.”

Gavin Teal of GoTek7, a leading provider of personal GPS units in Europe said, “The Prime LITE is the future of personal tracking as well as asset tracking. Its low cost design and superb capabilities will easily out distance the others on the market.”

The device’s features include low power consumption for longer battery life, a programmable SOS button, and Geo-Fencing. On a single charge, the battery will last up to 3 days. The SOS button can be programmed to send emails or SMS messages to a mobile device for real-time GPS tracking alerts. In addition, the Geo-Fence will send alerts every time the tracker leaves its designated area, allowing you to respond to any given situation as soon as possible.


About Micron Wireless: Micron is a leading provider of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions for consumer, security, medical and healthcare industries. We are dedicated to providing complete end-to-end solutions, solving both connectivity and the application challenges within M2M systems.

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