New York Times Recognizes Prime PT and AAGPS as Top Personal Locators in US Market

Oct 22nd, 2012

October 22nd, 2012 – Micron Wireless, located in Boca Raton, FL celebrated the launch of its two top-of-the-line products: The Prime PT and AAGPS.

Both Prime PT and AAGPS offer convenience and alleviate anxiety by tracking users’ loved ones whereabouts; as well as offer a two-way voice function and SOS alert button for emergency tracking and communication. The trackers also allow you to monitor multiple trackers at once. For instance, you can monitor Grandma, children, and the family pet all from one map similar to air traffic control. Users are not limited to tracking their loved ones from their computer screen but there are also apps available for their iPhones and Androids.

In October of 2012, New York Times journalist, Farhad Manjoo, met with two of Micron’s top customers.  Amber Alert GPS out of Utah and North Carolina based SecurUs, to discuss the products and services.

“Among the companies pushing for this future is Amber Alert GPS, a Utah-based firm that was founded in 2007 after Russell Thornton, a businessman, lost his 3-year-old son at an amusement park. After a frantic 45-minute search, Mr. Thornton found the boy hiding in a play structure, but he was traumatized by the incident, and it spurred him to build a device that would help other parents avoid that fate,” said Manjoo.

About Micron Wireless: Micron is a leading provider of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions for consumer, security, medical and healthcare industries. We are dedicated to providing complete end-to-end solutions, solving both connectivity and the application challenges within M2M systems.

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