Long Term Tracking

Long-term tracking is the process of tracking anything that is out in the field for an extended period.  At Micron, the uses for long-term trackers can range from recreational vehicles to shipping containers or pallets.  We offer devices such as the Prime Bolt MAX, Prime AT Plus Bolt, Prime ATC Bolt, and the Model V.

Prime Bolt Mini

The Prime Bolt Mini is a non-rechargeable asset tracker designed for reliable multi-year deployments. It can be configured to track on demand or in real time, making this device an ideal solution for tracking automotive, trailers, and managing assets.

Our Prime Bolt Mini features an IPX6 rated enclosure, superior GPS performance, Wi-Fi location, quad band 2G and 3G, 3-axis accelerometer, and replaceable Lithium battery. With the capability to be completely turned off via physical switch, the standby time can be extended between 3 to 5 years.

Setting up Your Device