Prime AT Plus and Prime ATM Launched in EU, US, Canada and Mexico

Nov 23rd, 2012

Nov 23rd, 2012 Paris, France and Delray Beach, FL – Micron Wireless released the Prime ATM Smart Gateway and the Prime AT Plus in a joint event.

Simply put, the Prime ATM is a universal device that converts any wired M2M device into a wireless device. This device enables manufacturers of all M2M devices to maintain their current product design with minimum modification in order to turn their products wireless. Examples of the primary application and markets for the Prime ATM include the following: Home Security and Automation, Smart Vending Machines, Smart Containers and Wireless Medical Devices.

The Prime AT Plus is a certified quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for asset monitoring. Providing complete GSM/GPRS communications, The Prime AT Plus helps you track and monitor your workforce, from the lone-worker to the project manager. The Prime AT Plus also helps to monitor the wandering patient as well as children, teenagers and college students.

Micron CEO Michael Xu says, “Wireless is obviously the way of the future – we are just making it sooner rather than later for ALL products, even previously wired products.”


About Micron Wireless: Micron is a leading provider of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions for consumer, security, medical and healthcare industries. We are dedicated to providing complete end-to-end solutions, solving both connectivity and the application challenges within M2M systems.

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